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July 11th, 2017

Social Games: An innovative way of engaging with sustainable diets research

Published by ANH Academy Working Group on Sustainable Diets,

This case study report (PDF) from ANH Academy Working Group on Sustainable Diets elaborates on a novel method, e.g. the “Diet Dimensions” policy game, to engage researchers, policymakers and key stakeholders to generate and inform policies for healthier and more sustainable food systems and diets. The game is a new way of interacting with sustainable diets research. Current food systems are unsustainable. At the same time, the world’s population has been rapidly growing over the past decades, and, consequently, food systems face massive, multi-dimensional challenges that require systematic and coordinated global efforts. Sustainable diets research presents an opportunity to address these challenges by bringing together multiple sectors, disciplines and expertise to guide the development of local, national, regional and global policies. The game facilitates this and also ensures critically engagement with issues such as measurement and implementation. The case study report provides an introduction to the social game that can help illustrate key issues and challenges around sustainable food systems. Live multi-player games can also be a great way for participants to make new connections across institutions and disciplines. Thus the game is seen as an effective tool for encouraging people from various backgrounds to talk, interact and brainstorm projects to improve food system sustainability and provides a novel way of exploring different strategies and their complex impacts.

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