October 12th, 2016

Quality and innovation in food chains

Published by Wageningen Academic,

This book (PDF), published by Wageningen Academic, presents a set of case studies on food quality improvement and innovation in food chains, with cases from South Africa, Ethiopia, Benin, Uganda and Senegal. The book is based on interdisciplinary collaborative research projects. An interdisciplinary approach leads to better insights in the opportunities and constraints for quality improvement, and helps public and private actors in seizing the opportunities and removing the constraints. This publication shows how a co-innovation perspective can be developed and applied. Co-innovation entails the combination of technical, organisational and institutional changes, the involvement of various chain actors, and the introduction of complementary innovations at different levels of the food chain. Quality and innovation in food chains: lessons from Africa is an essential read for anyone involved in studying, supporting and implementing quality improvements and innovations in food chains.

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