May 3rd, 2018

Migration, youth and decent work

Published by FAO,

Youth account for a large percentage of the rural population, and they are often particularly disadvantaged. About one-third of all international migrants are aged 15-34. The majority of young poor working  people are employed in the rural economy, where they face many hurdles trying to earn a livelihood, such as poor access to land, credit and information. Agriculture is often not perceived as a remunerative or prestigious employment. In addition, lack of decent work conditions make youth living in rural areas particularly prone to migration. This online course by FAO focuses on migration, youth and decent work. Migration is an intrinsic part of rural development. Yet, there are major knowledge gaps regarding its drivers, dynamics and effects on rural areas. This e-learning will help professionals to understand the linkages between migration and rural development with a particular focus on youth. It will also provide policy recommendations on how to maximize the positive impacts of rural migration and minimize the negative ones. The target audience for this course includes: UN Country teams and FAO staff; planners, policy formulators and advisors on migration, agriculture and rural development; managers and technical staff in the ministries responsible for agriculture, rural development, migration, employment and others, as well as general public. Duration of the online course is 45 minutes. Please find more information in this factsheet.


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