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ROFIP open webinar
Wednesday June 12, 2019 Image: ROFIP
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Online webinar

On June 12, 2019, the Applied Research Fund project “Rainwater harvesting from roads for indigenous pasture production & improved rural livelihoods in Kenya (ROFIP)”is organizing an open webinar to discuss the first results of an applied research in Kitui County, Kenya. 

Pasture is needed for livestock, to produce milk and meat. But how to do this when you live in the drylands? This webinar on “Indigenous pasture production using road water harvesting in African drylands” will discuss first results of an applied research in Kitui County, Kenya. On growing indigenous grasses coupled with road water harvesting. Experiments and comparison was done at a local university and with farmers themselves. The characteristics of grass biomass, nutritional values and relation with soil moisture will be discussed. What types of grasses and practices are recommended, and what is the future for pasture in drylands?

Speakers: Kevin Zowe Mganga & Luwieke Bosma
More information: www.roadsforwater.org & ROFIP Project page

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