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Knowledge seminar “The Business of Food & Water PPPs”
Knowledge seminar ‘The Business of Food & Water PPPs’, 12 June 2015
Friday June 12, 2015 Image: PPPLab
9:00 am - 1:30 pm


June 12, 2015
9:00 am - 1:30 pm


Burgemeester Oudlaan
Rotterdam, Netherlands
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The PPPLab organizes a discussion seminar exploring the role of business in PPPs: how central is it to partnerships, what does it aim to achieve and how is it funded by the Dutch government? Our aim is to create the space for in-depth discussion between PPP participants and stakeholders, including a frank reflection on what our research is showing so far and explore how this is relevant to the PPP community. The focus of our next knowledge agenda will draw on the observations of the participants.

The discussion will be built around ‘The business in PPPs’, seen from three angles:

  1. Business cases in PPPs: risk allocation and business model innovation
  2. What do food and water PPPs really target, seen through their theories of change?
  3. PPPs and funding: one means to a development end

Each topic draws on research done or assigned by the PPPLab over the past six months. The research has looked at the partnerships funded in the first calls of the FDOV and FDW facilities, and is an attempt to understand the larger patterns across both portfolios.

For all participants it is a chance to have time for an open sharing with peers on the central topics, drawing on content input from the PPPLab. All participants are actively involved in public-private partnerships in some way, in different roles.

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