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September 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
Healthy soils for productive and resilient agricultural landscapes

This brief assesses the impacts of various land restoration initiatives and discusses a range of tools to better tailor and target investments and interventions to local contexts. Healthy soils are essential for productive and resilient agricultural systems, and they are a means to mitigate climate change risks. »

August 22, 2017Knowledge Portal
Making vegetable markets work for smallholders in Myanmar

This case study discusses the ‘Making Vegetable Markets Work for the Poor’ Program. This program focuses on improving the vegetable market chain throughout Myanmar by utilizing the market systems development approach. The case study explores the collaboration between East–West Seed Myanmar and Mercy Corps. »

August 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Institutional versus non-institutional credit to agricultural households in India: Evidence on impact from a national farmers’ survey

This article investigates the role of institutional credit on farm income and farm household consumption expenditures in India. A goal of agricultural policy in India has been to reduce farmers’ dependence on informal credit. To that end, recent initiatives are focused explicitly on rural areas and have a positive impact on the flow of agricultural credit. »

August 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Alternative approaches to food: Community supported agriculture in urban China

This article studies the role of new and alternative approaches to food. The paper focuses on the question of how community supported agriculture can deal with the food-related issues emerging from China’s development. »

July 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
A study on cauliflower based intercropping system

This article studies the performance of cauliflower based intercropping system. The experiment consisted of seven treatments, where one with sole cauliflower as monocrop and in the remaining six French bean, pea, beet, carrot, palak and coriander were included as intercrops with the cauliflower. »

July 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Effects of drying and storage management on fungi (Aflatoxin B1) accumulation and rice quality in Cambodia

This article determines the effects of different field drying and storage practices on fungi accumulation and milled rice quality in Cambodia. Rice postharvest practices of farmers incur losses that limit supply and affect global production. Aside from physical losses, quality can be affected, leading to a possible accumulation of aflatoxin B1 that is harmful to humans when ingested. »