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More potatoes – Secure food in Burundi


Project description

Duration: July 2014 – July 2017. This project has been finalized.

Summary of the results: Potato is one of the most important food and income generation crop in Burundi. However, limited access to improved seeds and poor production techniques constrain its value addition. On-farm research were carried out to improve the low potato (Solanum tuberosum) yields. Technologies related to improved varieties, healthier seed tubers, and affordable seed environment were evaluated as main factors improving yields and quality of potato produce. Marginal rate of return of investments were calculated at farm level comparing current and alternative technologies. An improved variety contributed up to 20 % yield increase, healthier seed (80 %). Diffused light storage, alternating contact and systemic fungicides applications and application of chemical fertilisers resulted in a 30%, 50% and 60% yield increase, respectively. It was shown that it is possible to double yields both physically and economically (Marginal Rate of Return-MRR of 202%, 230%, 162%, 230% and 185%) under growing conditions in Burundi when planted respectively a new variety, healthy pre-sprouted seed, apply chemical fertilizers and fungicides. These results led to a strong linkage between producers and consumers and made impact in the household such as paying school fees, improving traditional roofing and selling formal seeds which make their produce valuable.

Aim: Research, development and knowledge transfer involving growers on special care to make sure planted ‘seed’ potato tubers are well sprouted and avoid diseases.

Objective: Contribution to food and income generation for small-scale holding families.

Method: Develop and promote processing technologies and innovations that contribute to the food security and related business needs within the framework of  the MASP of the Dutch embassy. Recommendations towards appropriate application of seed potato regulations will be developed.

Country: Burundi.

Dutch policy goals: Increased sustainable agricultural production; More efficient markets; and A better business climate.


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