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December 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
Value chain innovations for technology transfer in developing and emerging economies: Conceptual issues, typology, and policy implications

This article addresses the question how value chain organization and innovations can have an important impact on modern technology adoption. The adoption of modern technologies in agriculture is crucial for improving productivity of poor farmers and poverty reduction. »

November 29, 2017Knowledge Portal
Technology adoption and value chains in developing countries: Evidence from dairy in India

This article analyzes farm-level technology adoption in the dairy chain in India. Adoption of modern technologies in agriculture is crucial for improving productivity and welfare of poor farmers in developing countries. Not much is known about how value chains do (not) affect technology transfer and/or adoption in food chains in developing countries. »

October 30, 2017Knowledge Portal
Reducing food loss in agricultural development projects through value chain efficiency

This working paper examines how reducing food loss and waste (FLW) impacts emissions in the context of agricultural development progress. By investigating food losses within Feed the Future, the research team had the unique opportunity to study FLW interventions across 20 value chains in 12 countries. »

August 23, 2017Knowledge Portal
Post-harvest loss reduction: A value chain perspective on the impact of post-harvest management in attaining economically and environmentally sustainable food chains

This report aims to provide insight in the potential impact of postharvest management (PHM) on the following themes: 1) food security, 2) food safety, 3) economic revenues, 4) employment, and 5) climate footprint. The key message was that PHM contributes to the improvement of availability, quality and safety of perishable food products. »

Vacancies at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation
August 16, 2017News
Vacancies at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) stands for ‘Knowledge in Action’ and supports organizations and people to strengthen their capacity for sustainable development. WCDI is currently looking for a Livestock Value Chains Advisor and for a Food and Nutrition Security Advisor. »

August 8, 2017Knowledge Portal
Nutrition sensitive value chains: Theory, progress, and open questions

This article takes a consumer focus on the value chains to consider the types of interventions that could lead to improved intakes of micronutrient-rich foods. Additionally, it reviews the present literature on the types of value chain assessments, interventions, and initiatives that are attempting to improve nutrition as well as potential future directions. »