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April 5, 2018Knowledge Portal
Developing nutrition-sensitive value chains in Indonesia

This report summarizes a number of studies to determine how to design nutrition-sensitive value chains for smallholders in Indonesia. The researchers suggest that strengthened value chains for foods could make business sense for smallholders and lay the foundations for a strong local food system that sustainably delivers nutritious foods for healthy diets. »

April 5, 2018Knowledge Portal
Webinar series: Farmers’ access to data

This webinar series on farmers’ access to data is a follow-up of a face-to-face course. The first webinar is called ‘Data-driven agriculture overview’, the second ‘Key data for farmers’, and the third ‘Accelerating market adoptation and use of data by smallholders’. »

Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains and Food Systems for Ethiopia: Where Are the Entry Points?
March 19, 2018News
Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains and Food Systems for Ethiopia: Where Are the Entry Points?

An overview of an address to the Public Seminar on “The potential of value chains for nutrition:  A knowledge exchange for better informed policies and practices” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Written by Namukolo Covic (Senior Research Coordinator) & Belay Terefe (Research Associate) of A4NH in Ethiopia. »

Co-creation, research uptake and nutrition-sensitive value chains
February 21, 2018Knowledge activity
Co-creation, research uptake and nutrition-sensitive value chains

The third international workshop of the Food & Business Applied Research Fund (ARF) took place from February 13 to 16, 2018, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The workshop focused on on co-creation and research uptake and was organized by NWO-WOTRO and the F&BKP, in collaboration with AgriProFocus and IFPRI Ethiopia. The public seminar on the third day was entitled “The potential for nutrition-sensitive value chains”. »

January 22, 2018Knowledge Portal
Mapping cassava food value chains in Tanzania’s smallholder farming sector: The implications of intra-household gender dynamics

This article shows a gendered mapping of the structure and coordination of traditional cassava value chains in Tanzania. In contrast to global high value chains, traditional food value chains and associated gender relations as well as power dynamics within households have received little attention. »

December 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
Value chain innovations for technology transfer in developing and emerging economies: Conceptual issues, typology, and policy implications

This article addresses the question how value chain organization and innovations can have an important impact on modern technology adoption. The adoption of modern technologies in agriculture is crucial for improving productivity of poor farmers and poverty reduction. »