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Cashew nuts for farmers’ income Uganda

ARF-1.1 Cashew nuts Uganda

Project description

Duration: February 2014 – February 2017. This project has been finalized.

Summary of the results: The project “Cashew Nuts for Income Security for the Rural Poor Farmers in Northern Uganda” was initiated in 2014. Parties involved came to a common goal to promote the introduction of cashew nuts for income security for the rural poor farmers in North and East Uganda by increasing overall cashew production in both quantities as well as quality, to improve market access for producers and to develop and sustain knowledge transfer of knowledge on cashew production. The project succeeded in disseminating new cashew varieties among 3,200 producers, resulting in more than 164,000 new trees. A value chain analysis, a base line, a price policy and business models were developed for nursery operators and for processing. The government at different levels has shown interest in cashew as a tree to promote. A sourcing system has been developed as a joint venture between a local processor UCPL and Away4Africa, resulting in purchasing 20% of the local production in 2017 Sold in local markets.

Aim: Integration of the cashew nut tree as a perennial cash crop by enhancing smallholder cashew nut production and productivity by introducing, developing and maintaining cashew varieties with desirable traits, adapted to various agro-ecologies and acceptable to international markets as an additional source of income for the livelihoods of poor farmers.

Objective: Contribute to food, nutrition and farmer income security.

Method: Farmer participatory research on the introduction of high yielding and adapted cashew varieties – finding good genes and develop seed stands/ A value chain analysis on the entire chain from production to marketing will position the market opportunity/ The knowledge and experience will be generated in a participative way with the target group and sustained by institutional networks.

Country: Uganda.

Dutch policy goals: Increase sustainable food production; and Efficient markets.


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