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Cashew nuts for farmers’ income Uganda

ARF1.1-2 Cashew nuts for farmers' income Uganda
Image: via Flickr (by: Dinesh Valke)

Project description

Aim: Integration of the cashew nut tree as a perennial cash crop by enhancing smallholder cashew nut production and productivity by introducing, developing and maintaining cashew varieties with desirable traits, adapted to various agro-ecologies and acceptable to international markets as an additional source of income for the livelihoods of poor farmers.

Objective: Contribute to food, nutrition and farmer income security.

Method: Farmer participatory research on the introduction of high yielding and adapted cashew varieties – finding good genes and develop seed stands/ A value chain analysis on the entire chain from production to marketing will position the market opportunity/ The knowledge and experience will be generated in a participative way with the target group and sustained by institutional networks.

Country: Uganda.

Dutch policy goals: Increase sustainable food production; and Efficient markets.

Duration: February 2014 – February 2017


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