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Agribusiness-based advisory services: a collaborative learning trajectory
August 15, 2017Knowledge activity
Agribusiness-based advisory services: a collaborative learning trajectory

Small-scale farmers in developing countries can profit substantially from advisory service delivery by agri-food companies. Agribusinesses are invited to join a collaborative learning trajectory to improve their private models for advisory services. This trajectory is a joint initiative of KIT, DADTCO, Moyee Coffee and Agriterra, with the support of the F&BKP. »

July 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Webinar materials: Using Psychometrics for smallholder credit scoring

This webinar shares insights on using psychometrics to create data for smallholder credit scores. In this way, you can combat financial exclusion through using a interactive assessments that not only use generally available data, but also captures certain characteristics of smallholders that are predictive of credit risks. »

July 21, 2017Knowledge Portal
Inclusive businesses in agriculture

This book scrutinizes the concept of inclusive business and investigates how inclusive businesses work and who benefits from them. The book focuses on the South African agricultural sectors and relates to three ongoing restructuring processes in South Africa. »

July 5, 2017Knowledge Portal
Finance for a fruitful future: Dutch aid for agriculture 2005-2015

This paper shows the results of a study analyzing the trend in Dutch Official Development Assistance in agriculture and presents policy recommendations to the Dutch government. The paper also maps the current state of Dutch climate finance, since investments in the agricultural sector and adaptation finance are closely intertwined.  »

June 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
The fund manager perspective: Moving the needle on inclusive agribusiness

This briefing note interrogates how different impact-oriented agribusiness funds combine public and private capital to build a more inclusive agricultural market. Agribusiness in emerging markets has seen an increase in private equity and other forms of investment. »

May 24, 2017Knowledge Portal
Digitizing value chain finance for smallholder farmers

This focus note explores opportunities and emerging models in digital value chain finance. Particularly it looks at new technologies that can break down barriers to delivering financial services to a greater number of smallholder farmers. The authors identify three key use cases for digitizing financial services in agricultural value chains. »