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August 8, 2017Knowledge Portal
Reality of food losses: A new measurement methodology

This paperĀ aims to improve the methodology used to measure food loss across food value chains and to identify the causes of food loss. The traditionally used measurement methodology is tested with three new methodologies that aim to reduce the measurement error in assessing the magnitude of food loss. »

May 22, 2017Knowledge Portal
Understanding changing land access and use by the rural poor in Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal and Uganda

The IIED recently published four similar research reports on land issues, access to land and land use by the rural poor in Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal, and Uganda. In all countries the acquisition of land by new actors, both government and business, puts pressure or rural lands and their communities. Current land governance systems are often not sufficient to deal with this rapid change. »

March 21, 2017Knowledge Portal
Pastoral community platforms as channels for behavioural change for nutrition

This publication explores the potential of pastoral-community platforms to channel maternal, infant and young-child nutrition messages to community members. A seven-month Behavioral Change for Improved Nutrition intervention assessed the ability of pastoral-community platforms to increase awareness on optimal practices to promote positive behavioural changes in the study communities. »

February 15, 2017Knowledge Portal
Inclusive finance and inclusive rural transformation

This paper in the IFAD Research Series provides an overview of concepts, issues and research on the relationship between financial inclusion and inclusive rural transformation. Liberalization of financial markets may not have had the desired spillover effects into rural credit, stressing the need for public intervention. Evidence shows that agricultural credit provides positive returns. »

February 3, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agroecology and climate change resilience: In smallholder coffee agroecosystems of Central America

This paper by CCAFS brings together and highlights research and gaps in the literature about climate effects on smallholder coffee agroecosystems. The authors seek to inspire future scholarship, inform policy and help direct development interventions. Although this paper primarily focuses on Central American coffee production, many of the examples and lessons are broadly applicable to smallholder coffee producers worldwide. The authors hope this researchbrief will benefit multiple stakeholders including coffee cooperatives, development practitioners, industry agents, researchers and policy-makers. »

July 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
The evolution of collective land tenure regimes in pastoralist societies: Lessons from Andean countries

This research paper (PDF) from the ELLA Programme, aims to analyse how land tenure regimes of pastoralist societies living in the Andean altiplano have transformed over the last 50 years. It also discusses the implications of these transformations for the sustainability of resource management in these areas, based on the premise that a better understanding of customary land tenure regimes can help to inform public policy and decision making. »