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January 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Women forging change with agroecology

This issue of Farming Matters presents stories about women from who forge positive change through agro-ecology on their farms and in their communities. While around the world women leverage change in their communities using agroecological approaches, only little has been written about it. This issue of Farming Matters presents stories and analyses of agro-ecology as a strategy for women to create safe, healthy and just societies. »

July 15, 2015Knowledge Portal
Soils for life

This issue of Farming Matters presents the experiences of farmers who are working successfully, together with others, to improve the health of their soil and their lives. The stories on these pages show that healthy soils increase farmers’ autonomy and long-term productivity. »

July 14, 2015Knowledge Portal
Nutrition and the post-2015 development agenda: Seizing the opportunity

This annual publication brings together several papers and opinion articles on nutrition and shows the way in which the SDGs could elevate and focus attention on the urgency of eliminating malnutrition. Many of the contributors in this issue make the case that nutrition is a foundational investment that will underpin progress towards many of the other SDGs. »

July 9, 2015Knowledge Portal
Rural–urban linkages

This issue (PDF) of Farming Matters and Urban Agriculture Magazine is is a co-production between ILEIA and the RUAF Foundation. The issue looks at some existing experiences with strengthened rural–urban linkages and what they teach us about improving food systems for both consumers and agroecological farmers. »

May 28, 2015Knowledge Portal
City Region Food Systems

The RUAF Urban Agriculture Magazine No 29 (PDF) on City Region Food Systems addresses the growing attention for policy and practice approaches that focus on food issues from a city-regional perspective, taking into account possible contributions from urban and periurban agriculture and strengthening of urban-rural relations. »

April 22, 2015Knowledge Portal
Grow the city: innovations in urban agriculture

This issue (PDF) of Urban Agriculture Magazine highlights innovations in urban agriculture and was made in collaboration with GROW the city, a project supported by Oxfam Novib, and coordinated by RUAF Foundation with ETC foundation and Wageningen UR. »