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January 24, 2018Knowledge Portal
Towards a flexible plant breeders’ rights system in Kenya

This PhD dissertation is a study of the relationship between plant breeders’ rights on the one hand and access to seed and planting material  for smallholder farmers in Kenya on the other hand. Access to seeds invariably affects food availability and security and ultimately, the right to food. »

November 29, 2017Knowledge Portal
The use of urban plant resources for health and food security in Kampala, Uganda

This PhD dissertation aims to provide an understanding of the current and potential contribution of urban plant resources to human wellbeing (with a focus on food security) in Kampala, Uganda. With some of the highest urbanization rates in the world, Sub-Saharan Africa faces serious challenges in providing sufficient, healthy and affordable foods for its growing urban populations. Urban biodiversity can provide people with healthy food products in addition to other ecosystem services. »

July 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Feeding Dar es Salaam: A symbiotic food system perspective

This dissertation is a sociological analysis of the agri-food system of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, that feeds most of the over four and a half million residents of this fast-growing city. It is based on qualitative research that has generated a picture of the food system that supplies the important foods for the majority of residents of the city. »

July 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
Food Waste Management: Perceptions, Decisions, and Actions

This student thesis aims to explore the attitudes towards food waste  in Guatemala by focusing on the restaurant sector. The perception of different actors in the country towards food waste and its management remains unknown. Therefore, a case study was conducted, involving the participation of three restaurant owners and one official from the Municipality of Guatemala City.  »

June 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Food consumption patterns in light of rising incomes, urbanization and food retail modernization

This PhD dissertation provides new insight into the nature of the diet transformation that is unfolding in Eastern and Southern Africa, and on some of its drivers and effects. It considers the effects of income and urbanization on the commodity makeup and source of foods in household diets, including processed foods. »

November 2, 2016Knowledge Portal
Economic and agricultural transformation through large-scale farming

This PhD dissertation examines the impacts of large-scale farming in Ethiopia on local economic development, household food security, incomes, employment, and the environment. The study concluded that the approach of large-scale mechanized farming contributes little to the economic and agricultural transformation of the nation. Local people generally lose out in respect of land transactions and investments, and they are expropriated from their customary land rights to the benefit of national goals. »