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November 7, 2018Knowledge Portal
More effective and sustainable responses to Fall armyworm: Outcomes from e-conference

This e-conference on Fall armyworms aimed to give insight on lessons learned so far, effective strategies in reaching farmers, effectiveness of responses so far, long-term consequences of these responess and innovative ideas. Challenge and solutions are presented, in particular on how to move away from broad-spectrum pesticides, towards more effective responses such as integrated pest management, push-pull, and early warning systems. »

August 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
Can better technology lure Asia’s youth back to farming

Farming and agriculture may not seem cool to young people, but if they can learn the thrill of nurturing plants to produce food, and are provided with their favourite apps and communications software on agriculture, food insecurity will not be an issue, food and agriculture experts said during the Asian Development Bank (ADB)’s Food Security Forum from June 22 to 24 at the ADB headquarters here. »

June 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Determinants of changes in youth and women agricultural labor participation in selected African countries

This paper investigates the determinants of changes in youth and women participation in agriculture by using data from the Living Standards Measurement Surveys-Integrated Surveys of Agriculture (LSMS-ISA). Participation in the agricultural labor force is measured using hours per week in agriculture and change in hours worked per week in agriculture between two survey waves for Nigeria and Uganda. »

April 19, 2016Knowledge Portal
Urban-rural linkages and their future: Impacts on agriculture, diets and food security

This article focuses on the urban-rural linkages in the emerging food system. Recent debates on food and agricultural issues emphasize the significance of the spatialization of food systems and location of agriculture. In this emerging food system geography, urban-rural relationships play a significant role in food value chains, food security and nutrition, which is still poorly understood. This presentation explores these issues based on rural-urban scenarios in 2050. »

February 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Youth in agribusiness within an African agricultural transformation agenda

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) & The International Labour Organizattion (ILO) prepared a background paper for the Feeding Africa conference of October 2015. The paper highlights several challenges and opportunities in involving youth in agribusiness. The authors stimulate the development of a special program to promote youth in agribusiness. »

December 1, 2015Knowledge Portal
Unlocking Africa’s agricultural potential for transformation to scale African livestock development

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and the African Union-Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) prepared a policy brief for the three-day high-level meeting on ‘feeding Africa’ held October 2015 in Dakar, Senegal. Improved livestock genetics, health and feed—guided by policies geared towards enabling a sustainable and business-friendly environment—are key to unlocking the potential of agriculture in Africa, according to the policy brief prepared by Barry Shapiro, senior livestock development advisor at ILRI and Simplice Nouala, chief animal production officer, AU-IBAR. »