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July 24, 2020Knowledge Portal
Uniting equity and governance: An urgent agenda

This blog examined how equity and governance have come together in research in the agriculture, nutrition and health (ANH) space over time. Despite a history of both equity and governance work in ANH research, few studies tie these important issues together. This is therefore a critical research gap that must be filled. »

May 4, 2020Knowledge Portal
Reshaping food systems after COVID-19

This blog outlines that all key dimensions of food systems are simultaneously influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore there is a need to better understand their interactions in order to identify a strategic response to reshape future food systems. Hopefully, food systems transformations will enter a new era of policy engagement, international alliances, and multilateral cooperation. »

April 28, 2020Knowledge Portal
Climate change, food and nutrition policies in Uganda: Are they gender- and nutrition-sensitive?

This brief draws attention to some gaps in the mainstreaming of gender and nutrition in climate change, and food and nutrition-related policy documents, which may affect the effective implementation of nutrition-focused actions and the realization of improved nutrition outcomes. »

April 23, 2020Knowledge Portal
How COVID-19 may disrupt food supply chains in developing countries

This blog examines how COVID-19 will affect food supply chains (FSCs) in developing countries. Farm operations may be spared the worst, while small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in urban areas will face significant problems. Governments’ general strategy must be two-pronged: Implement robust public health measures and address food security impacts, particularly income and employment. »

April 14, 2020Knowledge Portal
Diets in a time of coronavirus: Don’t let vegetables fall off the plate

This blog at IFPRI explains that vegetables production, trade and consumption are particularly affected by COVID-19 because of their highly seasonal nature, high labor needs, perishability and the need for good storage and distribution logistics, with significant implications for nutrition security. To protect healthy diets, policy debates should focus on trade-offs between international trade and local or common production systems, consolidation in the food system that leaves government with few policy levers in times of crisis, and how the most vulnerable can be supported in access to healthy diets. »

April 3, 2019Knowledge Portal
Innovative irrigation system could future-proof India’s major cereals

This blog describes a study that demonstrated how rice and wheat can be grown using 40 percent less water through an innovative combination of existing irrigation and cropping techniques. Rice and wheat grown using a sub-surface drip fertigation system, combined with conservation agriculture approaches used at least 40 percent less water than flood irrigation for the same amount of yields, and is still cost-effective for farmers. »