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September 14, 2020Knowledge Portal
Food systems everywhere: Improving relevance in practice

This article identifies strategies for and performance of food system transformation by assessing 32 highly-cited international studies, identifying and comparing differences in the frameworks used for food systems analysis, and discrepancies in the procedures. Food systems approaches must be useful to decision makers and performance can only be improved if decision makers have a better understanding of these underlying interactions and dynamics of food systems change. »

August 17, 2020Knowledge Portal
Social circumstances and cultural beliefs influence maternal nutrition, breastfeeding and child feeding practices in South Africa

This study determined maternal dietary diversity, breastfeeding and, infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices and identified reasons for poor nutiriton and suboptimal breastfeeding in five rural communities in South Africa, in the context of cultural beliefs and social aspects. Finding a balance between mothers’ income, dietary diversity, cultural beliefs, breastfeeding and considering life of lactating mothers so that they will not feel burdened and isolated when breastfeeding and taking care of their children is crucial. »

August 17, 2020Knowledge Portal
COVID-19 pandemic and mitigation strategies: Implications for maternal and child health and nutrition

This article highlights key areas of concern for maternal and child nutrition during and in the aftermath of COVID-19 while providing strategic guidance for countries in their efforts to reduce maternal and child undernutrition. The article provides a set of recommendations that span investments in sectors that have sustained direct and indirect impact on nutrition. »

August 13, 2020Knowledge Portal
Who has the better story? On the narrative foundations of agricultural development dichotomies

This article examines agricultural policy discourses in Senegal to address the use of language in agricultural policy discourses, in spite of increasing evidence that narratives matter for policy-making. This paper shows that reconciling perspectives on the dichotomies that prevail in agricultural development policy today have remained scarce. There is a need to develop a reconciling perspective on low agricultural productivity in Africa. »

July 29, 2020Knowledge Portal
Hard work and hazard: Young people and agricultural commercialisation in Africa

This article reports findings on the steps and pathways thorugh with young people construct livelihoods in hotspots of agricultural commercialisation. Findings draw attention to a new potential area for intervention: the use of social protection measures to help minimise downside risks associated with hazards, so that the young people’s hard-earned assets are less vulnerable to loss. »

July 29, 2020Knowledge Portal
Limitations of inclusive agribusinesses in contributing to food and nutrition security in a smallholder community: A case of mango initiative in Makueni county, Kenya

This paper explores the potential food and nutrition security contribution of inclusive agribusinesses in Makueni county, Kenya. The results show that participation in the inclusive agribusiness favors smallholder households with relatively higher production capacity in terms of better physical capital, access to loans, and human capital. »