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March 30, 2015Knowledge Portal
Optimum crossbreeding systems for goats in low-input livestock production system in Kenya

This study in the Small Ruminant Research, aimed to maximize the amount (kg) of high value meat arising from surplus males and females per kilogram of the goat population and, maximize weight gains to turnoff age. Subsequently, the study aimed to decrease turnoff age, maximization of reproduction rates and minimization of the mature weight of »

March 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
Climate change adaptation in crop production: Beware of illusions

This article (PDF) in the Global Food Security Journal, discusses three main causes of “adaptation illusions”, common ways in which studies misinterpret the adaptation benefits of various changes. Many potential changes in agricultural management and technology, including shifts in crop phenology and improved drought and heat tolerance, would help to improve crop productivity but do not necessarily represent true adaptations. »