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Southern Africa

May 14, 2018Knowledge Portal
Identifying leading seed companies in Eastern and Southern Africa

This report evaluates the efforts of 22 leading seed companies in Eastern and Southern Africa, aimed at improving access to seeds for smallholder farmers. The seed sector in the region has high potential for growth. »

May 2, 2018Knowledge Portal
The supermarket revolution and food security

This report examines the surprisingly high rate of supermarket patronage in low-income areas of Windhoek, Namibia. Result of an earlier survey showed that 83% of the households in low-income areas of Windhoek obtained at least some of their food through supermarket purchase. »

March 9, 2018Knowledge Portal
Food and nutrition security in Southern African cities

This book places urban food and nutrition security firmly on the development and policy agenda. It shows that current efforts to address food poverty in Africa are misplaces and will remain largely ineffective in ameliorating food and nutrition insecurity for the majority of Africans. »

August 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Not just food: For southern Africa to succeed, think nutrition

This blog discusses the importance of food systems and collaborative solutions for improving nutrition. There has been recognition by the Mozambican government that nutrition matters, but the challenge is primarily one of implementation. »

June 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Food consumption patterns in light of rising incomes, urbanization and food retail modernization

This PhD dissertation provides new insight into the nature of the diet transformation that is unfolding in Eastern and Southern Africa, and on some of its drivers and effects. It considers the effects of income and urbanization on the commodity makeup and source of foods in household diets, including processed foods. »

November 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Changing agro-food systems: The impact of big agro-investors on food rights

This book presents case studies on changing agro-food systems in Southern Africa within the context of large-scale land-based and agri-business investments. By capturing the testimonies of local people in rural settings, with a particular focus on small-scale farmers, it aims to provide vivid accounts of the micro-level changes underway in agro-food systems in Southern Africa, and to reflect the experiences and perspectives of local people. »