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December 22, 2015Knowledge Portal
Price stabilization and impacts of trade liberalization in the Southeast Asian rice market

This article investigates the impact of trade liberalization in major rice trading countries of Southeast Asia. It focus its attention on the price stabilization mechanism that were adopted by governments in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. »

November 24, 2015Knowledge Portal
Integrating SMEs into Global Value Chains: challenges and policy actions in Asia

This study (PDF) by the Asian Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank Institute examines ways of encouraging SME participation in value chains, and explores policy solutions to address the financial and nonfinancial barriers faced by SMEs in global value chains. The authors highlight that two main factors
require attention: 1) enterprise competitiveness and 2) enterprise connectivity. »

June 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
Gender opportunities and constraints in inclusive business models: the case study of Unifrutti in Mindanao, Philippines

This publication (PDF) by FAO adds to the debate around whether private investment in agriculture contributes to production growth, poverty reduction, food security and gender equality by case studies in the Philippines. Data and information were collected via key informant interviews, focus group discussions and direct observation. The report shows that investment models and contractual arrangements implemented by Unifrutti – a major private company producer, processor and exporter of pineapple and banana in the Mindanao Region – have had positive implications for the livelihood of the rural communities involved. »