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Latin America

July 4, 2016Knowledge Portal
Farmers’ crop varieties and farmers’ rights: Challenges in taxonomy and law

This book examines policies that aim to increase the share of benefits that farmers receive when others use the crop varieties that they have developed and managed, i.e., ‘farmers’ varieties’. In so doing, the book addresses two fundamental questions. »

June 14, 2016Knowledge Portal
Six steps to success: Lessons learnt from five years of CCAFS

This brochure (PDF) by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), focuses on how to make 500 million farmers climate-resilient in 10 years while also reducing their agricultural emissions. It includes lessons learnt from five years of CCAFS work. »

June 2, 2016Knowledge Portal
Financing farm renovation: How to build resilience using a blend of capital

This report by Root Capital explains how a blend of capital can help build resilience against a dwindling supply and rising demand in commodities such as coffee, cacao, and tea. The report states that investment in agriculture—perhaps more than any other sector—has the potential to bring about unprecedented change today and into the future, from food security and nutrition to environmental sustainability and economic growth. »

February 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Drivers influencing farmer decisions for adopting organic or conventional coffee management practices

This article investigates which drivers influence farmer’s decision-making on adopting organic or conventional coffee management practices. The authors use the case of Santader, Colombia, one of the world’s most important producers of Arabica coffee, where both conventional and organic schemes of management are used. The results suggests that social identity of coffee growers, the influence of coffee institutions, attitudes about management practices, and social relations of production, all play an important role in the process of decision making. »

January 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Spaces for dialogue as a strategy to integrate the right to food in rural municipalities of Latin America: Recommendations for establishment and strengthening

This report provides guidance to authorities and municipal officers to establishing and strengthen policy dialogue between municipal governments and civil society. This is done as a strategy to integrate the obligations and principles of the right to food in rural municipalities related to food and nutrition security in Latin America. The report focuses on the implementation of two principles; participation and empowerment. »

November 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
Delicious, Disgusting, Dangerous: Eating in a time of food price volatility

This report (PDF) by IDS and Oxfam highlights the third year results of the study Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility, with a focus on changes in diets. The report explores what people on low and precarious incomes are eating now and how they are responding to the increasing commodification of food. Furthermore, the paper uncovers how these changes are linked to adjustments in work, residence and home life. »