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April 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Effect of farm succession on coffee production in Kenya

Coffee farmers in Kenya are elderly (average 55 years), and reluctant to release coffee farms to the new generation, leading to reduced adoption of new technologies and reduced coffee production despite its profitability and opportunity of expansion. The objective of the research study was to establish the effect of farm succession on coffee production in Kisii County. »

April 7, 2015Knowledge Portal
Scaling up index insurance for smallholder farmers: Recent evidence and insights

This report (PDF) by CGIAR CCAFS explores evidence and insights from five case studies that have made significant recent progress in addressing the challenge of insuring poor smallholder farmers and pastoralists in the developing world. »

March 31, 2015Knowledge Portal
Kenya-Dutch PPP puts new twist on ancient farm technology

SNV Kenya and the Dutch company Land Life Company joined in a public-private partnership to improve the water efficiency and survival rates of young trees in dry-land Kenya. For avocado trees as well as mango trees, a Land Life Box is provided, a donut-hole centred box that delivers water slowly and over time to the »

March 30, 2015Knowledge Portal
Optimum crossbreeding systems for goats in low-input livestock production system in Kenya

This study in the Small Ruminant Research, aimed to maximize the amount (kg) of high value meat arising from surplus males and females per kilogram of the goat population and, maximize weight gains to turnoff age. Subsequently, the study aimed to decrease turnoff age, maximization of reproduction rates and minimization of the mature weight of »