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December 17, 2015Knowledge Portal
Toward solutions for youth employment: A 2015 baseline report

The is a report by Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE), a multistakeholder global coalition established to improve youth access to work opportunities. It is intended to set a baseline for youth employment trends, research and analysis, actions, and knowledge in line with S4YE’s agenda and comparative advantage. The report highlights that agriculture remains the dominant source of youth employment. »

December 10, 2015Knowledge Portal
Addressing Africa’s youth employment and food security crisis: The role of African agriculture in job creation

In this interview the former president of Nigeria discusses the critical factors responsible for food insecurity and youth unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa. He argues that there are numerous actions that governments could take to address obstacles for youth to get involved in agriculture. He believes that removing these obstacles can prevent both massive youth unemployment and food insecurity in Africa. »

December 1, 2015Knowledge Portal
Youth employment and agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa

This expert opinion of David Suttie on the INCLUDE Knowledge Platform, highlights the role that agriculture can play in tackling the youth unemployment challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa. Suttie states that integrating the dynamism, energy and innovative potential of youth in agriculture is crucial to increase agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa, to meet the food and nutrition needs of its population, and to increase the competitiveness of African food markets. »

Youth employment and agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
November 19, 2015Expert opinion
Youth employment and agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

This expert opinion written for the Knowledge Platform on Inclusive Development Policies, underlines that agriculture has an important role to play in tackling the youth unemployment challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa. »

November 18, 2015Knowledge Portal
How to enhance youth employment in Africa

This short movie on CNBC Africa focuses on how to enhance youth employment in Tanzania. Agriculture is a very important┬ájob creator in Tanzania, which has an unemployment rate of around 12 per cent. However youth unemployment is much higher and this applies to most of the continent. CNBC Africa’s Thomas Maree spoke to Awadh Milasi »

November 7, 2015Knowledge Portal
Agricultural science can speed job creation for youth in Africa South of the Sahara

This expert opinion written by Karen Brooks, Director of the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets and published on the INCLUDE Knowledge Platform on inclusieve development policies, focuses on the role of agricultural science for job creation in Africa. ccording to Brooks, removing or reducing current barriers will attract more young people to agricultural careers and help those already farming to do so more successfully. »