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October 28, 2015Knowledge Portal
Enhancing youth engagement in agricultural careers

This blog by Cabi, explores what can and is being done already to improve employment opportunities for youth in rural areas, particularly in the agricultural sector. The blog highlights greater investment, education, working conditions, governance and social media. »

YEP Programmes vacancies
October 10, 2015News
YEP Programmes vacancies

The YEP Programmes Agrofood and Water offer Dutch young experts the opportunity to acquire professional experience abroad during minimum 1 and maximum 2 years. At the moment, seven vacancies are available: six in the Agrofood programme and one in the Water programme.   On the YEP web pages “Criteria“ and “Nederlandse Young Expert worden?” (both in »

October 5, 2015Knowledge Portal
Africa agriculture status report: youth in agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa

This report highlights the current status of youth in sub-Saharan Africa and present the opportunities and potential that the region’s ‘youth bulge’ and ‘youthening’ generation brings to agriculture. »

September 17, 2015Knowledge Portal
Youth in agriculture: Inspiring stories of young people changing agriculture

This blog from the Journal of Gender, Agriculture, and Food Security, highlights some succes stories of young agriculture entrepreneurs. Significant challenges remain in realizing the full potential of Africa’s agriculture: access to finance, land rights, and women’s empowerment are just some of the critical issues to address. »

August 13, 2015Knowledge Portal
African youth and the persistence of marginalization: Employment, politics, and prospects for change

This book by Routledge critically examines the extent and consequences of the marginalization of African youth. It questions conventional wisdoms about data trends, aspirational goals, and common policy interventions surrounding Africa’s youth that have been variously propagated in both the development studies literature and in mainstream donor policy reports. »

August 3, 2015Knowledge Portal
Youth, conservation agriculture and sustainable development – Engagement insights from Africa

This book aims to stimulate critical dialogue and resolve among readers on truly engaging youth in agricultural transformation. In using Zimbabwe, as the anchorage, the book, holistically scans the nation’s landscape – food and nutrition security, climate change and variability, and the post-2015 development agenda, for examples of innovative thinking, leadership, and action, in youth engagement, and thus, catapults local futuristic-thinking youths to the global stage. »