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Congratulations to Zuhura Abdallah
January 28, 2019Research project
Congratulations to Zuhura Abdallah

The “Women Food Entrepreneurs in Kenya and Burkina Faso” research project led by Dr. Nicky Pouw is an interdisciplinary research team collaboration between social and natural scientists in Kenya, Burkina Faso and the University of Amsterdam. The research team congratulates Zuhura on her nomination as final candidate for the Agrofood Broker of the Year 2018 Award! »

January 17, 2019Knowledge Portal
Gendered ownership of aquaculture resources: Insights from two villages in Bangladesh

This brief uses a gender lens to understand the nuanced gaps, perceptions and practices of ownership in aquaculture in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, however, there remains a large gendered gap in asset ownership. Ownership is perceived and experienced differently by men and women: women more often experience psychological ownership while men more frequently claim legal ownership »

January 2, 2019Knowledge Portal
Indigenous vegetable production and the economic empowerment of rural women in Africa: Reality, prospects, and challenges in Rwanda

This study explores the role of rural women in the production of indigenous vegetables in Rwanda, especially in view of the preponderance of, and the consumer preference for, modern exotic vegetables in the country’s recent history. Furthermore, the study probes into the nutritional and economic importance of indigenous vegetables in Rwanda, with emphasis on how rural women stand to expand their earning power by upgrading their indigenous vegetable production capacity. »

December 20, 2018Knowledge Portal
Equity, empowerment and gender relations: A literature review of special relevance for climate-smart agriculture programming

This brief summarizes the results of a literature review on equity, empowerment and gender relations for climate-smart agriculture (CSA) programming. A wider and more equitable gender sensitivity is now seen amongst policy makers and local government, with a corresponding enhanced and out-scaled uptake on CSA. »

November 29, 2018Knowledge Portal
Women’s empowerment in agriculture and dietary quality across the life course: Evidence from Bangladesh

This article examines the relationship between women’s empowerment in agriculture and indicators of individual dietary quality. The findings suggest that women’s empowerment is associated with better dietary quality of individuals within the household, but the strength of this association varies across the life course. »

October 26, 2018Knowledge Portal
What is the role of men in connecting women to cash crop markets? Evidence from Uganda

This paper aims to to shed light on whether an intervention targeted at men can achieve increases in women’s market participation in agriculture.These results suggest that simple encouragement can be an effective tool to nudge men to include their wives in household commercial activities.  »