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women's empowerment

November 13, 2019Knowledge Portal
Reach, benefit and empower women with financial services

This paper analyzed three cases on women’s access to financial services in agriculture and revealed that an increased access empowered women. Recommended is to develop a focus on female clients, starting by a proper market analysis, and to use communication channels that women are familiar with »

ARF-3 final factsheet: Plantain varieties in Benin
November 6, 2019Research project
ARF-3 final factsheet: Plantain varieties in Benin

Please download the final factsheet of this ARF-3 project. The consortium shares its research findings, showing the development of best agricultural practices and of new plantain-product markets with a special empowerment of women and youth along the value chains. »

Report on WFE Stakeholder workshop
April 17, 2019Research project
Report on WFE Stakeholder workshop

The two-day Stakeholder Workshop held in Kisumu on February 14 and 15, 2019, provided a platform for project partners, women in entrepreneurship, and other stakeholders to share information on the milestones and lessons learned in the Global Challenges Programme (GCP) project “Women Food Entrepreneurship (WFE)”. »

Improving urban food security : A success story
April 1, 2019Research project
Improving urban food security : A success story

This Story of change has been drafted in the context of the GCP project “Allotment gardens and food security in urban Africa” and outlines how support to urban poor, especially women in developing allotment gardens can provide their households with access to fresh foods. This success story about improving urban food security in Benin was written by members of the project research team,. »

March 21, 2019Knowledge Portal
Gender and agricultural innovation in Oromia region, Ethiopia: From innovator to tempered radical

This article examined whether the concept of tempered radicals, developed originally to interrogate change processes in organizations, has validity in rural agricultural settings. Whilst both women and men innovators face considerable challenges, women, in particular, are precariously located ‘outsiders within,’ negotiating carefully between norm and sanction. »

February 28, 2019Knowledge Portal
Women’s empowerment in agriculture: Lessons from qualitative research

This paper synthesizes qualitative research conducted conjointly with quantitative surveys, to develop a project-level Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (pro-WEAI). Economic status was an important component, meaning that empowered women can take care of themselves, their families, and their communities. Conceptions of empowerment among researchers may diverge from those of rural women and men in different contexts. Future development programming and research should be more sensitive to the norms and beliefs shaping rural livelihoods to improve outcomes »