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sustainable food systems

November 4, 2019Knowledge Portal
Local to global policy as a catalyst for change: Key messages

This working paper demonstrates the ways of catalysing transformation in food systems through policy change from local to global level. Food system transformation demands participation and action from all actors. Policy change can guide and catalyse that action but requires political and public will and a shift in mindsets toward a more collective and shared approach. »

Netherlands Food Partnership launched during World Food Day
October 18, 2019News
Netherlands Food Partnership launched during World Food Day

The celebration of World Food Day 2019 on October 16 was the perfect occasion to launch the Netherlands Food Partnership. “Boost transformative approaches for sustainable food systems and healthy diets”. That is the mission of the Netherlands Food Partnership. NFP facilitates parties which recognize the need to speed up to achieve SDG2, and are eager to act together.   »

August 19, 2019Knowledge Portal
Gaps between fruit and vegetable production, demand and recommended consumption at global and national levels

This article explores the role of insufficient production of fruits and vegetables and the effects of food waste and public policy in achieving recommended fruit and vegetable consumption. Even under the most optimistic socioeconomic scenarios (excluding food waste), many countries fail to achieve sufficient fruit and vegetable availability to meet even the minimum recommended target. »

August 8, 2019Knowledge Portal
Climate change and land

The report addresses greenhouse gas fluxes in land-based ecosystems, land use and sustainable land management in relation to climate change adaptation and mitigation, desertification, land degradation and food security. Climate change has adversely impacted food security and terrestrial ecosystems, and contributed to desertificatin and land degradation. On the other hand, changes in land conditions affect the global and regional climate, Appropriate design of policies, institutions and governance systems at all scales can contribute to land-related adaptation and mitigation while facilitating the pursuit of climate-adaptive development pathways. »

August 2, 2019Knowledge Portal
Transforming food systems under climate change: Local to global policy as a catalyst for change

This working paper discusses how policy should bring transformative change for food systems to become sustainable, resilient, climate smart and inclusive, while delivering affordable, culturally appropriate, healthy diets for all. Transformation demands participation and action from all actors. »

June 3, 2019Knowledge Portal
Towards sustainable global food systems: Conceptual and policy analysis of agriculture, food and environmental linkages

This book promotes the view that sustainable food systems requires thorough insights into the structure and dynamics of agro-food production systems, the drivers for integrating food value chains and markets, and key incentives for supporting healthier consumer choices. The contributed papers focus on interfaces between food system activities and processes of adaptive change that are critical for overcoming key constraints and trade-offs between sustainable food and healthy diets. »