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October 16, 2018Knowledge Portal
Transforming agriculture in Africa & Asia: What are the policy priorities?

This report summarizes government policies and public investments that have driven agricultural transformation in Africa, Asia and Latin America. A key finding is that the availability and fertility of agricultural land and population dynamics are core to the role of agriculture in economic transformation. »

September 6, 2018Knowledge Portal
Africa Agriculture Status Report 2018: Catalyzing government capacity to drive agricultural transformation

The Africa agriculture status report of 2018 focusses on the role of state capacity and political will in achieving agricultural transformation in Africa. African countries understand what should be done to trigger transformation, but are faced with capacity constraints that limit their ability to transform. »

August 6, 2018Knowledge Portal
Transforming food and agriculture to achieve the SDGs: 20 interconnected actions to guide decision-makers

These guidelines presents a set of actions to speed up the transformation to sustainable food and agriculture. Sustainable food and agriculture have great potential to revitalize the rural landscape, deliver inclusive growth to countries and drive positive change. »

July 26, 2018Knowledge Portal
Can sustainable agriculture mitigate massive youth migration in Africa?

This article is on sustainable agriculture lever to mitigate youth migration in Africa. Sustainable agricultural transformation in an approach that offers one of the most robust and immediate opportunities for addressing several of the drivers of migration in Africa. »

Mainstreaming and youth specific efforts to enforce the role of young people in African agricultural transformation
July 2, 2018Knowledge activity
Mainstreaming and youth specific efforts to enforce the role of young people in African agricultural transformation
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

Africa is facing high levels of unemployment among the youth, a growing youth bulge, rapid trends of urbanization, and unsustainable agricultural food systems. Young people in Africa are a world of challenges and opportunities and should be seen as key actors. But how can we enforce their role in the needed agricultural transformation? »

The IITA Agripreneur Approach
July 2, 2018Expert opinion
The IITA Agripreneur Approach
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

The IITA Youth Agripreneur initiative (IYA) is a youth-in-agribusiness model which was established to address the issue of unemployment and also provide a platform along the agricultural value chain for unemployed youth to generate wealth and create jobs. »