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The Postharvest Network is a platform and portal for companies in developing and emerging countries that are in search of solutions for their operations in the postharvest chain and for improvement in their supply chain performance. By targeting postharvest activities in the fresh supply chain the Network of Excellence provides a thematic focus to develop hands-on solutions for the complex problem of reducing losses in fresh supply chains (FSCs) in developing and emerging countries. As interface for companies and knowledge institutes the Network intends to establish a connection for companies in the Netherlands and abroad by matching demand and supply of postharvest expertise.


Launch of the Dutch Postharvest Network

On December 4, 2014 the Postharvest Network was launched during a kick off event in the Hof van Wageningen. The Postharvest Network aims to reduce food losses by implementing practical and proven solutions in the food supply chain of fresh products. It is a network of Dutch specialized companies, knowledge institutes like Wageningen University and »