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Paul van de Logt heads the Food and Nutrition Security team in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This team has taken up the responsibility to: reduce the number of people in a situation of malnutrition; improve smallholders’ productivity and promote sustainable management of farm land. To achieve these goals the team works in partnership with the private sector, NGO’s, knowledge institutes and public sector partners.
Prior to this position Paul worked on Climate Finance and European cooperation on environment and energy. He has worked as a diplomat in the Embassies in Beijing and Kabul.
Paul is an international economist who specialized in climate and sustainability questions. He lives in Scheveningen with his wife and two daughters.


How to support the food system transformation – a practical framework

An important insight of the last years is that our major economic systems do not deliver the right results and are not sustainable. The food system is one of those key systems. The demand for more nutritious food to feed a healthy and productive global population cannot be met if we do not look at fundamental changes. But where to start: with the consumer, the farmer, the industry, the retail? In this blog Paul van de Logt and Ruerd Ruben present a practical framework based on their experience in policy and science to support food system transformations. »