Niek van Dijk

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BoP Innovation Center

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Project Manager

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Niek van Dijk is Project Manager at BopInc and works on mobilizing the Dutch agricultural sector to actively participate in agribusiness development in developing markets. At the moment Niek is mostly active in the 2SCALE and SMASH programs, aimed at agribusiness and horticulture development in Africa.

Niek has a Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Prior to joining BoP Innovation Center, he has gained extensive experience in working with internationally active Dutch agribusinesses through working for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture.

The key motivation for Niek to work at BoPInc is the huge untapped potential for development in African agribusiness development by targeting the local BoP markets ($ 1 trillion!!) and the opportunities this creates for Dutch companies.


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