Nicole Metz

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Food & Business Knowledge Platform

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Senior Knowledge Broker

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Nicole Metz is an all-round development professional with a strong commitment to contribute to sustainable changes that end poverty and promote equity. She combines an extensive experience in policy advocacy at national and international level, with experience working with civil society organizations in Africa and Asia. Building bridges between practice and policy, and between actors at the local level and those at national and international levels have always been among the key strategies of her work.

Before joining the Office of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and AgriProFocus, Nicole worked with Oxfam Novib for 10 years. For part of that period, she worked as a policy advisor, most recently on the UN ‘post-2015 agenda’; and before that, as the knowledge management advisor for civil society partner organizations in Africa.

Nicole graduated in the field of Human Nutrition at the Wageningen University and Research Centre in 1991, and has since then been working – amongst others – on various projects related to food and nutrition security, as well as on trade and development and sustainable livelihoods.


The Food Systems Approach: inspiring an innovative way for SDG2 impact?

The “Food Systems Approach” was one of the buzzwords of the WUR SDG conference of late August. There seemed to be consensus among speakers, panelists and participants that food systems need a transition. Future food systems need to deliver better: more food needs to be available and accessible for the growing, more urbanized world population, it needs to be part of a balanced, nutritious diet, and to be produced, processed and traded in new ways in order to cope with climate change and resource scarcity. »

Lively event ‘Scaling up Dutch efforts for Global Nutrition’

On March 10, 2015, the Netherlands Working Group on Nutrition (NWGN) organized an action-oriented discussion event entitled ‘Scaling up Dutch efforts for Global Nutrition’. It included the Dutch launch of the Global Nutrition Report 2014 by Lawrence Haddad (International Food Policy Research Institute), a key note speech by Reina Buijs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy »

Expert discussion about Fruits & Vegetables and Food & Nutrition Security

The preliminary results of the report “How does the Fruit and Vegetable Sector contribute to Food and Nutrition Security?” by LEI-Wageningen UR (LEI-WUR) were discussed during a meeting in early March 2015, facilitated by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform and hosted by ‘TopSector’ Horticulture and Starting Materials. The participants were 15 experts from knowledge »

Fruits and Vegetables: high potential for food and nutrition security!?

The horticultural sector, in particular the production of vegetables and fruits, is of growing interest to agricultural entrepreneurs of various scales in low- and middle-income countries. It is also an area of particular attention for Dutch Embassies, the Top Sector Horticulture and Starting Materials (TopSector TU), several Dutch NGOs and the network AgriProFocus. In recent »