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Senior Journalist & Partner

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Favourite pastimes of Hans van de Veen are: travelling through Africa or Asia to collect information for articles on local cultures and economy, or on activities of Dutch companies and organizations; or sailing on the Dutch Waddenzee searching for oysters (to eat) or seals (to watch). But for most of his time he works as a journalist and communication advisor. Amongst others he is foreign editor of the Dutch CSR-magazine P+ (People, Planet, Profit). Also, he is responsible for communication within the national program on Business & Biodiversity.

After finishing his studies in political science, Hans worked as a reporter and editor in chief of the magazine “onzeWereld” (Our World), wrote travel guides and other books, and worked for development organizations. At the moment, Hans is partner in the communications agency ImpactReporters.


Nutritions for depleted African soils

Second article in the IYS 2015 series. Nowhere is soil fertility deteriorating as rapidly as in Africa. The looming catastrophe is attracting increasing attention but the way in which African farmers can best revitalise their land has become the subject of fierce debate. »