GCP-3 FT Allotment gardens and FS in urban Africa

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Main consortium partner: Centre for World Food Studies of the VU University Amsterdam

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Global Challenges Programme (GCP) Call 3 Fast Track.
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GCP-3 facstheet midterm findings: Allotment gardens in urban Africa

Please download the factsheet with midterm findings of this GCP-3 Fast Track project. »

Building capacities of local researchers in Benin

In the context of the Global Challenges Programme (GCP) project “Allotment gardens and food security in urban Africa” a workshop was organized from March 18 to 20, 2019 by the Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies to train local researchers in Benin on the development of a site selection tool. »

Improving urban food security : A success story

This Story of change has been drafted in the context of the GCP project “Allotment gardens and food security in urban Africa” and outlines how support to urban poor, especially women in developing allotment gardens can provide their households with access to fresh foods. This success story about improving urban food security in Benin was written by members of the project research team,. »

How a stakeholders’ committee can make a difference in the way of doing research?

Donald Houessou works for ACED Benin and is involved in the NWO Global Challenges Programme (GCP) project called “Allotment gardens and food security in urban Africa”.  He has written this Story of change following the GCP training on November 1, 2017, facilitated by Perspect »