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Main consortium partner: Wageningen UR - Environmental Policy Group

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Global Challenges Programme (GCP) Call 2 Integrated Projects.
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What are the trends in aquaculture value chain research?

In the video “What are the trends in aquaculture value chain research?” researcher Simon R. Bush of the Global Challenges Programme project SUPERSEAS identifies five current trends that are shaping the development of the aquaculture industry . »

GCP-2 facstheet midterm findings: SUPERSEAS

Please download the factsheet with midterm findings of this GCP-2 Integrated Project. »

Emerging components of area-based management in aquaculture

Solving complex problems in the aquaculture sector requires integration between actors that do not normally interact. Understanding how these actors can interact and contribute to area-based management was a key goal of the SUPERSEAS mid-term meeting, held at the Mekong Delta Development Research Institute. »

Aquaculture (already) for the poor

Aquaculture’s contribution to food security in the Global South is widely misunderstood. Policy and research often assumes farmed fish are traded internationally, and especially to wealthier import markets. New joint research from the Michigan State University, Wageningen University and Stirling University shows this is an outdated view. »