GCP-1 Nutritious-system pond farming Vietnam

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Main consortium partner: Wageningen UR - Department of Animal Sciences

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Global Challenges Programme (GCP) Call 1

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Reducing the need for feed

A novel aquaculture feeding concept is exploiting the pond ecosystem to encourage farmed fish and shrimp to ingest naturally occurring food alongside feed – a system that has the potential to reduce both production costs and environmental impacts. The trials for this nutritious-pond concept are part of the GCP project “Nutritious-system pond farming in Vietnam”.  »

Aquaculture innovation system analysis

Olivier M. Joffre, Laurens Klerkx and Tran N. D. Khoa of the GCP project “Nutritious-system pond farming in Vietnam” published a research article entitled “Aquaculture innovation system analysis of transition to sustainable intensification in shrimp farming” in Agronomy for Sustainable Development . »

Are shrimp farmers actual gamblers?

Olivier M. Joffre, P. Marijn Poortvliet and Laurens Klerkxc of the GCP project “Nutritious-system pond farming in Vietnam” published a research article entitled “Are shrimp farmers actual gamblers? An analysis of risk perception and risk management behaviors among shrimp farmers in the Mekong Delta”. »

GCP-1 midterm factsheet: Nutritious-system pond farming in Vietnam

Please download the factsheet with midterm results of this GCP-1 project. »