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August 8th, 2017

Youth in agribusiness in Africa: turning knowledge into action

Published by Rural 21,

This blog by Rural 21 highlights the potential for fostering entrepreneurship and creating role models to persuade youth not to relocate to cities. The author states that a supporting environment should be provided for young people to thrive in agriculture and agribusiness. There are many challenges now confronting rural youth, like limited access to information, land and financial services. But there are also many examples of young people, in various African countries, who are determined to shine in the face of these challenges. These “agripreneurs” are taking giant strides in all fields of the industry – from farming and processing to savings management, communication and smart data collection platforms. The young often lack experience in business development, so they may need mentorship, leadership and business development training. Also a conscious and sustained global campaign is needed on agriculture to enhance the image of the profession. Moreover, a lot more consideration should go into giving recognition to those young people who are doing amazing work in rural areas, for example through awards. The entrepreneurial youth in Africa who have taken action in agriculture and its value chains are paving the way for others to follow. They are gradually becoming the role models and mentors they never had. The author encourages other young people to use their knowledge to take action in this sector.

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