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Webinar “Agents of Change in Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation”
GFAR webinar on March 1, 2017
Wednesday March 1, 2017 Image: GFAR
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

“Agents of Change in Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation: The Value of Facilitators” is one in a series of GFAR webinars. The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) is bringing together several presenters to engage the agri-food research and innovation community around the topic of capacity development.

About TAP

TAP is an active partner in GFAR’s efforts in fostering collective initiatives to improve capacity in agri-food research and innovation.

The main focus of TAP is the development of national capacities for agricultural innovation in tropical developing countries, where the capacity gap is especially wide. By helping to bridge the capacity gap, TAP aims to pave the way for agricultural innovations that meet the demands of its principal users – small farmers, small and medium-sized agribusinesses and consumers.


In this webinar, TAP Secretariat will share a framework and process being applied with its partners and Partners in GFAR to facilitate capacity development for agricultural innovation; “innovation facilitators” who are working on the ground will share their observations and learnings in their country contexts.

The challenges of eradicating hunger, improving rural livelihoods and protecting the environment are real and complex. So, our solutions must be creative and innovative. We know that no single actor can come up with the solutions that address the wide array of issues that agriculture is faced with today.

Innovation, be it technological, institutional or social, emerges from collective thinking and action. It is a process by which multiple stakeholders put knowledge to use. Networks of researchers, extension agents, producers, agribusiness and other actors as well as the policies, attitudes and beliefs influencing their behaviours, act as catalysts for innovation. Together, they play a critical role in shaping food systems by recognizing and mutually sharing indigenous and scientific knowledge and stimulating collective learning.

To connect and collaborate effectively, facilitation is essential.

To learn more about innovation facilitators, participate in “Agents of Change in Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation: The value of facilitators”. The facilitators will share their initial experiences in assessing capacities and capacity development needs, in Asia, Africa and Latin America. A desired outcome of the webinar is to distill experiences and best practices that can be applied to strengthen or improve these processes.

Please follow this link to learn more about the webinar programme and presenters. 

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