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Strike Two Summit: Farm Income
Strike Two Summit "Consumer Trust"
Friday November 22, 2019 Image: Strike Two
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November 22, 2019


UvA Science
Science Park 904
Amsterdam, 1098 XH Netherlands
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Strike Two

Strike Two Summit addresses the need to learn to adopt digital innovations to make the food system more transparent, safe and circular: the future of food is starting now.  Three events will be organized: the second takes place on November 21 and 22, 2019 in Amsterdam, focusing on farm income.

Strike Two Summit aims to accelerate transparency, better distribution and circularity of food. It brings together the global digital ecosystem that underpins these goals, providing a real understanding of the status of the digital ecosystem during three events with the themes Consumer trust (September 2019), Farm income(November 2019), and Chain management (January 2020).

Farm Income – November 22, 2019

Net farm incomes are reducing globally and that concerns everybody in the food system. We all depend on farm productivity and its regenerative capacity. Farm income is therefore the core theme of this summit: how can we raise margins, create new business models and incentive circular production? And what is the role of technology in this?

Digital solutions for farm income start with reliable, self-owned digital identities. We present a blockchain solution where new incentive models allow for farm-participation from extended farm family and workers, but also consumers and neighbors. We show digital solutions that offer completely new business models that were not possible without new technologies such as blockchain.

Follow our inspirational tracks on Farm Identity, Farm Buy-outs and New Income, get access to +40 market-ready solutions at our marketplace and develop your own innovation roadmap.

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Chain Management – January 23 & 24, 2020

The food transition needs chain-broad governance. How to align consumers and farmers and everything in between? The closing event of the summit brings the insights from consumers and farmers together to address chain-wide issues. We’ll draw innovation roadmaps and seek commitment from the organizations that are responsible, and accountable, for the future of our food.

Commodities suffer from the plentitude of data silos that we have. One track will focus on this challenge and present a possible future where circularity truly matters and defines our purchases. Another track will focus on trade barriers, think about the Brexit, a challenge where new technologies can change the rules of the game.

The new world of compliance that’s emerging as we speak, will be discussed during the third track. Follow our inspirational tracks on Commodities, In & Export Tariffs and Compliance, get access to +40 solutions at our marketplace and develop your own innovation roadmap.

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Past event: Consumer Trust – September 19 & 20, 2019

During the first event of Strike Two Summit global challenges regarding consumer trust are addressed. Because consumers ultimately decide on the future of our food, this is where the summit starts. The key issue today is trust. One in ten people fall ill because of what they eat. Less than one third of consumers truly trust their food.

The agrofood sector is in a transition towards a more transparent, sustainable and circular future. We have no choice but to change our food system. During the two days in September, the real tangible effects are explored of technological innovations on consumer trust, in the safety, quality and circularity of food.

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Inspirational tracks Consumer Trust

Market-ready solutions from farm to fork that enhance (data) integrity throughout food systems will be highlighted. Follow the inspirational tracks on Food Safety, Food Quality or Food Circularity, get access to +40 solutions at our marketplace and develop your own innovation roadmap.

Food Quality – Unilever, ScanTrust: Nathan Anderson

  • Consumers have the power to demand high-quality products.
  • Blockchain ensures product quality by transparency.
  • ScanTrust presents us a project on blockchain for food traceability.

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Food Circularity – Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Agriness: Michiel van Erkel

  • We need circular food systems due to scarcity of resources and growing populations.
  • Blockchain establishes value of the crafts in the supply chain, from farm to form.
  • The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture will offer us a market-ready solution.

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Food Safety – IBM, Food Trust: Louis de Bruin

  • Empower consumers by digitalizing food data.
  • Blockchain brings us much-needed transparency and traceability.
  • IBM teaches us how a scanner using blockchain can help.

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