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Seminar Bioversity International and Wageningen UR
Bioversity International and Wageningen UR
Wednesday October 29, 2014 Image: via Flickr (by: CIMMYT)
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


October 29, 2014
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Wgeningen UR – Atlas Building


Wageningen UR

On October 29, 2014 a delegation from Bioversity International headed by its director Ann Tutwiler will be visiting Wageningen URto explore opportunities for strengthening research collaboration between Bioversity International and Wageningen UR.

For this visit a seminar is organized around three themes:

  1. Sustainable food systems and nutrition sensitive landscapes;
  2. Farmer seed systems – Integrated Seed Sector Development; and
  3. Genetic resources and climate change.

Participation for this seminar needs to be confirmed with 

Seminar Program

10.15  Coffee/tea

10.30  Official opening

Ernst van den Ende (Managing Director Plant Sciences Group)

10.45  Bioversity’s new research agenda

Ann Tutwiler (DG Bioversity International)

11.00  Workshop 1: Sustainable food systems and nutrition sensitive landscapes

‘The transition in diets seen globally continues to place strain on the health of people and ecosystems. Rising diet-related non-communicable diseases and the diminishing quality of the diets have increased expectations on food systems to produce, manufacture and market foods that people will eat and that do not worsen malnutrition. Consuming foods that are healthy and sustainable lies at the core of global, national and local efforts to reduce poverty and promote healthier ecosystems. What exactly are sustainable food systems and how agriculture and its related landscapes can be healthier are key questions. What are useful approaches and methods for the mapping of nutrition sensitive landscapes and the development of metrics of sustainable food systems. What is the role of collaboration and partnership in dealing with complex systems?’

Speaker Bioversity International (15 min): Bruce Cogill (Programme Leader, Nutrition and Marketing Diversity)

Speaker Wageningen UR (15 min): Inge Brouwer (Associate professor International nutrition)

Discussion (60 min)

12.30 Lunch (for invited guests)

13.15 Workshop 2: Farmer seed systems – Integrated seed sector development

‘Diverse farmer seed systems around the world continue to be of vital importance for the survival of smallholder agriculture and are a source of resilience vis-à-vis climate change. However, almost everywhere local seed systems are under stress. Agricultural intensification and commoditization, privatization of natural resources and the strong concentration and expansion of corporate power in the life science industries are forces contributing to a decline in local, collective management practices of plant genetic resources. How can research support smallholder farmers to cope with these stresses and strengthen the diversity of farmers’ seed systems?’

Speaker Bioversity International (15 min): Carlo Fadda (Theme leader Productive Agricultural Ecosystems)

Speaker Wageningen UR (15 min): Marja Thijssen (Programme coordinator Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD)

Discussion (60 min)

14.45 Break

15.00  Workshop 3: Genetic resources and climate change

‘It is increasingly acknowledged that successful adaptation of agricultural production systems to changes in climate will depend upon higher levels of access to and improved use of genetic diversity. This is particularly important in light of predictions that climate variability and extreme events will increase globally, leading to more risk-prone local growing conditions. How can current genetic resource management strategies be adjusted and novel strategies be developed that will lead to better access and use?’

Speaker Bioversity International (15 min): Michael Halewood (Theme leader Policies for Crop and Tree Diversity Management)

Speaker Wageningen UR (15 min): Rob van Treuren (Senior researcher CGN)

Discussion (60 min)

16.30  Drinks and informal discussions about collaboration opportunities

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