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2-2 Trade International Training Session 1
2-2 Trade International Training Session 1
Monday July 11, 2016 Image: AgriProFocus
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July 11, 2016
July 15, 2016


AgriProFocus & Wageningen UR CDI

If you are responsible for the local sourcing of your company or supporting farmers or producer organizations who deliver to traders, processors or other companies; then the 2-2 Trade approach for Farmer – Firm relations is what you are looking for. Join the training and e-coaching trajectory of AgriProFocus and Wageningen UR CDI.

The 2-2 Trade training and e-coaching trajectory trajectory can be attended by a maximum of 20 participants. and will be organized during the months July, August and September 2016.

Training contents

The training and e-coaching trajectory consists of:

  • The 2-2 Trade hand book with cases and tools
  • Two international training sessions in Uganda:
    • First training: 4-day session from 11-15 July 2016
    • Second training: 3-day session from 23-26 August 2016
  • Five e-coaching and e-feedback sessions: from June 2016 until September 2016

A participant will spend approximately 30 days in total on assignments and training sessions during this period of four months.
The participants form an international group of trainees bringing in their live business cases centered around farmer – firm relations.

After the training, participants:

  • Have a concrete plan of action for your own live business case centered around the farmer – firm relation
  • Are able to independently apply the 2-2- Trade approach.

2-2 Trade approach

The 2-2 Trade approach concentrates on business relations between farmers and firms and aims to improve these through a structured, yet flexible process. 2-2 Trade focusses on agreements and differences of perception between farmers and firms in a specific business relationship, surfacing the most important perceived strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The 2-2 Trade approach and tools can be applied to any existing or emerging farmer-firm business relation that is of sufficient scale in terms of sourced volume or number of farmers involved, or is highly promising to develop into a sustained business relation. The 2-2 Trade approach is developed by AgriProFocus, Wageningen UR CDI and The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).

More information

The full training and e-coaching trajectory costs 1.500 € per participant. This does not include international travel, food and lodging costs for the two training sessions in Uganda. Also the costs for the facilitation of your own live business case are not included.

Check the special training page on the AgriProFocus online platform for more information.

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