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April 2, 2017Knowledge Portal
Transforming gender constraints in the agricultural sector: The potential of social protection programmes

This article discusses role of social protection programming design and implementation to ensure gender equality in food security and agricultural productivity. Gender inequality continues to constrain women’s opportunities in the agricultural sector. However, investment in gender-responsive programming which promotes women’s empowerment can help to overcome these constraints. »

November 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
How inclusive is inclusive business for women? Examples from Asia and Latin America

This report assesses the extent to which inclusive business models promote women’s economic empowerment. As a commercially viable business model, inclusive business bears considerable potential for women’s economic advancement, though not every inclusive business will inevitably do so. It is important to distinguish two ways in which inclusive business is relevant to women’s economic empowerment. »

June 20, 2016Knowledge Portal
What do we mean by ‘women’s crops’? A mixed methods approach

This ICRISAT study aimed to revisit this issue of gender and commercialization of crops. They developed a ‘women’s crop tool’ that measures how much control women have over different crops. This tool was used to compare women’s perceived level of control at different stages of commercialization and to compare the perceptions of men and women regarding women’s control. »

January 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Women forging change with agroecology

This issue of Farming Matters presents stories about women from who forge positive change through agro-ecology on their farms and in their communities. While around the world women leverage change in their communities using agroecological approaches, only little has been written about it. This issue of Farming Matters presents stories and analyses of agro-ecology as a strategy for women to create safe, healthy and just societies. »

Smart gender policy
January 20, 2016Expert opinion
Smart gender policy

Recognizing the management prowess of women in agricultural family enterprises. Women’s rights, supporting women’s economic participation and female entrepreneurship are priorities on the Trade and Development agenda of the Dutch government. However, how can we effectively support this agenda in a complex sociocultural context in programmes with so many other priorities? »

November 9, 2015Knowledge Portal
The cost of the gender gap in agricultural productivity

This concise report by UNWomen estimates the monetary value of the gender gap, its associated costs and the effectiveness of certain policies and interventions in agricultural productivity. The report focuses on the countries Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. However, the analysis can be replicated by policy makers from other countries since the methodology and data used to quantify the costs of the gender gap and to determine to what extend different factors contribute to the gender gap are aptly presented in two Appendices. »