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Vacancies at HAS University of Applied Sciences
March 22, 2018News
Vacancies at HAS University of Applied Sciences

HAS University of Applied Sciences has two vacancies, Lecturer Crop Production Systems and Lecturer International Agri-food Marketing. Location is ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, the appointment is for 0.8 fte, initially for one year, leading to a permanent appointment following a positive appraisal. Application deadline for both vacancies is April 2, 2018 HAS University of Applied »

January 22, 2018Knowledge Portal
Horticultural exports and food security in Senegal

This article investigates the effect of horticultural export growth on food security in Senegal. Horticultural exports from developing countries are expanding. While concerns are rising about the consequences of this growth for local food security, there is no empirical evidence that directly measures this impact. »

Application open for FoodStars Accelerator
January 12, 2018News
Application open for FoodStars Accelerator
Theme: Inclusive Business

FoodStars is a new alliance to foster innovative start-ups in smart farming in metropolitan areas. The FoodStars Accelerator is designed to accelerate innovative start-ups in a very short time to maximize market opportunity. The Accelerator is now open for applications. »

November 29, 2017Knowledge Portal
Rooftop gardening for improved food and nutrition security in the urban environment

This book chapter reviews the diversity of species and cultivars which can be grown on the roofs of buildings, and of how they can contribute to supplying a variety of nutrients. This can help to meet the requirements for a healthy diet and contribute to the food and nutrition security of the increasing urban population. »

October 31, 2017Knowledge Portal
Modern agri‐food systems, horticultural employment and women’s empowerment

This working paper addresses the question of female empowerment through horticultural employment. The transformation of global agri-food systems has led to the increased establishment of export-oriented horticultural plantations in developing countries. These production sites provide employment opportunities for women in rural areas. »

Vacancy Horticulture Value Chain Advisor at WCDI
September 27, 2017News
Vacancy Horticulture Value Chain Advisor at WCDI

Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) stands for “Knowledge in Action” and supports organizations and people to strengthen their capacity for sustainable development. WCDI is currently looking for a Horticulture Value Chain Advisor. WCDI is looking for a young expert in horticulture, who will contribute to horticulture value chain development in low- and middle-income countries.  WCDI »