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A spark of hope for pineapple farmers in Benin
March 28, 2018Research project
A spark of hope for pineapple farmers in Benin

For the last two years and half, the consortium ”Ananas Mitongnon” has been implementing the DAPIS project in Benin. Pineapple producers have realized that they can engage in more lucrative markets and to meet the expected quantity on a regular basis, they have decided to organize themselves into a cooperative which they named: “Nonvignon Mihinmidé” meaning “Brotherhood is good, let’s take care of each other”.  »

Farmer’s voice matters in agronomic practices development
October 27, 2017Research project
Farmer’s voice matters in agronomic practices development

The ARF project “Designing appropriate agronomic and processing practices for pineapple supply chains in Benin (DAPIS)” fits very well with the Beninese Government Action Plan and aims at improving the access of fresh pineapple and pasteurised pineapple juice produced in Benin to local, regional and international markets. On September 21, the first pineapple experiment has been visited by farmers and consortium members of this ARF project in Benin. »

May 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
An assessment of mobile phone-based dissemination of weather and market information in the Upper West Region of Ghana

This article assesses the usefulness, constraints, and factors likely to influence farmers’ decisions to patronize mobile phone-based weather and market information. The rapid growth of mobile phones in Ghana has opened up the possibility of delivering timely and useful weather and market information to farmers at costs lower than traditional agricultural extension services. »

February 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
Connecting smallholders to markets: an analytical guide

This analytical guide by CSM shows in what way policy recommendations illuminate the relationships of smallholders to markerts. The guide examines how small-scale food producers’ organisations and allied civil society can use the recommendations in their national and international advocacy and how they can work together with their governments to apply them in the context of national and regional policies and programmes. The authors argue that the policy recommendations illuminate the relationships of smallholders to markets in two main ways. »

January 19, 2017Knowledge Portal
How to green food systems in a gender-smart way: A matter of insight and smart interventions

This paper elaborates on the relation between food systems and gender equality building on knowledge, experience and good practices in the field of agriculture, climate change, food security and value chains. The authors argue that since the current food systems poses serious problems of sustainability, a solution should be sought in greening of these systems which refers to investments to improve human well-being and social equity, reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities. »

December 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Unleashing the potential of pastoralism to develop West Africa

This book by KIT and SNV aims to identify the trends affecting pastoralism and pastoral productivity, which helps to understand the current changes in the performance of value chains which play a key role in pastoral adaptation. The book puts into perspective the conditions for sustainable growth of production that supports entrepreneurial performance and competitiveness of local actors in dynamic markets. The authors observe a clear move towardslivestock production becoming more market-oriented, which influences the position of all actors in the various value chains. »