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Cocoa crop improvement, farms and markets in Ghana and Ivory Coast

GCP3 Integrated Project - Cocoa crop improvement, farms and markets in Ghana and Ivory Coast
Image: via Flickr (by: Rebecca Bollwitt)

Project description

Cocoa farmers in West Africa face poor productivity due to constraints at the crop, field, farm and sector level. To ensure farmers’ livelihoods, yields need to increase sustainably. This research will investigate the effect of field level practices on cocoa productivity. The suitability of different (combinations of) practices for different smallholder farm systems will be explored. Effective delivery of the services supporting these practices will be co-developed with public and private partners.

Aim: This project “Cocoa crop improvement, farms and markets: a science-based approach to sustainably improving farmer food security in Ghana and Ivory Coast” aims for science-based, sustainable intensification of cocoa production assuring high and stable production now and under future climate change and policy scenarios.

Objectives: The project has four main objectives:

  1. Develop methods to examine cocoa response to nutrients in monocultures and agroforestry systems, underpinning fertilizer recommendations.
  2. Develop crop growth models as explorative tools for improving and innovating cocoa production (now and in the future).
  3. Develop models that explore feasible, sustainable and robust technologies at farm level (now and in the future).
  4. Co-develop models for effective public/private service delivery at scale fitting the complexity of the cacao sector in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Method: The project provides integrated crop-, field- and farm-level research exploring technical and socio-economically feasible options. Next to delivering soil-, crop- and farm decision support models, it delivers models to support effective service delivery at scale by public and private partners.

Countries: Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Dutch policy goal: Sustainable food systems.

Duration: April 01, 201 7 – September 30, 2020



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