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Valorisation of Moringa leaves to alleviate malnutrition in vulnerable groups in Benin (FortiMoringa)

ARF3.1a Valorisation of Moringa leaves to alleviate malnutrition in Benin
Image: via Flickr (by: Lauren Seibert)

Project description

Aim: This multidisciplinary research “Improving and promoting the use of Moringa oleifera leaves for a better maternal and early childhood nutrition in Benin (FortiMoringa)” will seek scientific evidence to enable scaling up the activities of THP-B and its partners in promoting Moringa Oleifera as a valuable local food resource and income source, to improve maternal and early child nutrition and health. By leveraging its shared networks, the consortium ensures uptake of the outcomes by other stakeholders, the public and policy makers.

Objectives: The main objective of this project is to valorize the moringa leaves for a better nutrition of vulnerable groups in Benin. The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Improve the production of moringa leaves;
  • Improve the MLP processing value chain;
  • Formulate novel MLP-based complementary food for young children;
  • Conduct efficacy study of MLP-based food;
  • Certify the quality of the MLP-based products;
  • Promote the use of the MLP-based products.

Method: This multi-disciplinary project will be implemented within six work packages (WP) corresponding to research questions, as described below.

  • WP1: How can moringa leaves and seeds productivity be increased?
  • WP2: What are the main entry points for improving Moringa leaves value chain?
  • WP3: What is the most appropriate and acceptable MLP-based complementary food formula by the children?
  • WP4: What is the efficacy of the MLP on growth, and micronutrient status of the children and their mother?
  • WP5: Does the safety quality of the standardized MLP meet the requirements for national certification?
  • WP6: Which strategies are suitable for scaling up Moringa-based food consumption?

Country: Benin.

Dutch policy goal: Eradicating existing hunger and malnutrition (‘people’).

Duration: 08 January 2017 to 07 January 2020

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