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The gateway to knowledge for food and nutrition security. Connecting business, science, civil society and policy.


Horticulture and potential for food and nutrition security

Horticulture and its contribution to food and nutrition security is a potential theme for the knowledge agenda of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform. This is because of the clear interest from various stakeholder groups of the ‘Dutch diamond’ in this sector. Initial explorative meetings to shape collaboration on this theme within the Platform have »

Urbanising the Deltas of the World & food security

Urbanising Deltas of the World (UDW) is a research and innovation programme that aims to contribute to global water safety, food security and sustainable economic development in river deltas worldwide, by providing more effective and efficient responses to urbanisation and climate change. The research programme is financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) »

Seas of Change and F&BKP start collaboration on Inclusive Business

Seas of Change (SoC) and the F&BKP have signed a Letter of Engagement, formalizing the intention to collaborate on the theme ‘Inclusive Business’. The signed Letter of Engagement marks the start of a collaboration in which the F&BKP supports SoC to deepen its work to stimulate the scaling of inclusive agri-food markets. SoC’s goals will »

Acknowledgments from Ministries of Foreign and Economic Affairs for online consultation on food security policy

The Ministries of Foreign and Economic Affairs have received the final report on the consultation on Dutch food security policy from the Office of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform. They thank all contributors for their input and are now working on the policy letter in which they will do their best to translate the »