February 27th, 2017

Agricultural value chains and their potential for youth employment in fragile and conflict-affected contexts

Published by ECDPM,

This GREAT Insights Magazine edition of February/March 2017 has a thematic focus on youth employment in fragile countries. It brings together a range of perspectives on the pressing question of how better to promote youth employment in fragile and conflict-affected countries. As agriculture is one of the most promising sectors in most fragile and conflict-affected environments, this article explores some of the key challenges and obstacles agricultural value chain development poses for youth employment. This article summarizes the main findings from the Agrifood Youth Employment and Engagement Study, highlighting the most promising opportunities and needed policy and programme changes in Nigeria, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The magazine highlight that the complex environment in fragile countries means that there is no simple, let alone unique, solution towards sustainable peace and prosperity. Instead, it is more about intertwined processes and inter-connected factors.

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