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Dutch Agri Food Week 2017
Dutch Agri Food Week
Monday October 9, 2017 Image: DAFW
All day event


October 9, 2017
October 19, 2017


Throughout the Netherlands



The Dutch Agri Food Week is the ultimate national stage that focuses on food and food production. Various parties from the agri-food sector will all be participating in the Dutch Agri Food Week, sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills with society. This year’s Agri Food Week takes place all throughout the Netherlands from October 9 till October 19. Farmers, businesses from the supply and processing industry, government and scientists will show how they are working to ensure the availability of safe and healthy food for us and later, for the global population of 9 billion people. 

The Dutch Agri Food Week shows how parties work together on sustainable food systems now and in the future. This annual event is designed for anyone with an interest in food and food production, both professionals and consumers.

This year, the Dutch Agri Food Week’s main theme is food and health. Food to be able to learn, work and live: from malnutrition to obesity, from healthy and tasty food for children to growing  old with vitality and in good health.

Fortunately, there are numerous smart farmers, students and researchers in the Netherlands, who work every day on improvements and innovations. During the Dutch Agri Food Week they show how they work towards healthy and safe food for everyone / 9 billion people: “Good food, better world”.

Themes of Dutch Agri Food Week 2017

Healthy Food, Better World – Food and health

Smart Food, Better World – Food and innovation

Shared Food, Better World – Food and transparancy

Knowing your Food, Better World – Food and education

More information

  • For more information on the programme and to participate in the Dutch Agri Food Week, please visit the website.
  • Please follow the Dutch Agri Food Week 2017 on Facebook and Twitter, and participate in discussions using #DAFW17.


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