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The Food & Business Knowledge Platform can assist you in exploring (national and international) research funds.

In particular, two funds managed by WOTRO, Science for Global Development, of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), are available: the Global Challenges Programme and the Applied Research Fund. Furthermore, the Platform has its own funding mechanism: the Knowledge Management Facility provides funding for studies or knowledge events like seminars.


The Food & Business Knowledge Platform operates in coordination with two Food & Business Research funds managed by NWO-WOTRO:

  • The Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP), which addresses international, regional or global challenges on food and nutrition security as a global public good. Research is carried out in consortia between Southern and Northern scientific and non-scientific stakeholders.
  • The Food & Business Applied Research Fund (ARF), which addresses the knowledge and research needs of partners in the bilateral food security programmes of the 15 Dutch development cooperation partner countries. The ARF focuses on food security as a local challenge. It operates on the basis of a continuous call for proposals where local partners from the private sector, civil society or government join with knowledge or research institutions.

For the two funds (ARF and GCP), the Office facilitates the CoPs and supports researchers in sharing knowledge and the results of their research.

For further information on purpose, scope, conditions and planning of GCP and ARF, continue to the NWO-WOTRO website.


Knowledge Management Facility

In addition, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform has its own funding mechanism: the Knowledge Management Facility. The Facility provides funding for studies or knowledge events like seminars. The team members (knowledge brokers) of the Office will be involved in basic analysis, review articles and compiling dossiers, but since the team has many brokering tasks, input from external experts and partner organizations is required. The Facility provides funding for three main categories of partners:

a) Platform partners, being the networks and Communities of Practice (CoP) that are actively cooperating with the Platform on themes that are part of the Knowledge Agenda. The requests can directly come from active networks of the Platform, whether or not identified and (re)defined by the Office.

b) Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies which have short term analytical knowledge requests related to consisting policy (e.g. Multi Annual Strategic Plans).

c) The Steering Committee (“Regiegroep”) in interaction with the Office which undertake specific activities to accomplish the Knowledge Agenda (addressing new emerging issues, initiating new CoPs, etc.).

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