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Thematic focus

F&BKP - About - Thematic focus

The F&BKP supports a forward-looking knowledge agenda to address the multi-dimensional challenges of Food and Nutrition Security (FNS). To maximize our added value vis-à-vis the many stand-alone and short-term knowledge activities that are already taken on by other organizations, we focus on linking up and promoting collaboration between stakeholders on current issues through a demand-driven approach.

An early example of this demand-driven approach was the consultation conducted by the F&BKP in 2014 on the priorities for the Dutch food security policy. This consultation ensured that the latest topics and debates on FNS were included in the policy letter on food security of the Ministries of Foreign and Economic Affairs (November 2014). The outcomes of the consultation also determined the foundation of the thematic focus of the F&BKP.

We also support networks that explore emerging issues and challenges for the future of FNS. Our demand-driven approach and focus on future challenges requires a flexible knowledge agenda. The thematic focus of the F&BKP may therefore also change over time.

Current themes on the F&BKP agenda

The F&BKP currently focuses on the following themes:
Food Wastage, Fruits and Vegetables, Food & Stability, Food Systems, Green Education, Inclusive Business, Inclusive Finance, Landscape Approaches, Land Governance, Nutrition Security, Private Sector Development, Public-Private Partnerships, Social Entrepreneurship, Soil Management, Youth and Agri-Food.

This thematic focus – what we refer to as the F&BKP knowledge agenda – applies to the F&BKP’s support for the knowledge management of national, regional and global networks on FNS. The partners of the F&BKP to a large extent determine the focus of this agenda (see selection criteria), yet the F&BKP Steering Committee takes the final decision about adding new themes.
To find out more about our current and past thematic focus, see Themes.

For two areas of our work, slightly different selection criteria for thematic focus are used.

  • For the two funding instruments that fall under FNS Research, the Global Challenges Programme (GCP) and the Applied Research Fund ARF), the Dutch policy on food security (2014) is leading, as well as for ARF the knowledge and research needs of partners in Dutch bilateral food security programmes.
  • For the Knowledge Portal, the Steering Committee guides the decisions on which topics to include. This has resulted in six main themes covering eighteen topics that all relate to the current F&BKP knowledge agenda.